Friday, July 22, 2011

PBRS wants a crack at the SAPP seats (July 21 2011 Daily Express )

Suasana sebelum sidang akhbar dimulakan oleh Presiden PBRS, Tan Sri Joseph Kurup bersama AJK PBRS Karambunai, Dr.Zamree Ibni Ghulam Rasul

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) has joined the bandwagon in staking a claim on opposition-held Sepanggar seat for the 13th General Election with the launch of its 28th division, PBRS Karambunai, Wednesday.
President Tan Sri Joseph Kurup believed there is nothing wrong for PBRS, as a Barisan Nasional (BN) component, to stake its claim on a seat that is being held by the opposition.
Other BN component parties that had openly expressed interest in the Sepanggar Parliamentary seat held by the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) were Umno and Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS).
The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has yet to state its interest but recently opened its Karambunai division.
"We are burying the seed but we will not be able to bury the seed if we don't have like what the Prime Minister says, a winnable candidate," Kurup said after officiating at the launch of the PBRS Karambunai protem division at Shangri-La Hotel.
On what other seats PBRS would be eyeing, Kurup who is also Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Minister, said they were looking at all the seats currently held by the opposition.
"As you know PBRS only has Pensiangan and Sook...but this is also up to the Prime Minister and Chief Minister as the bottom line is that the candidate must be winnable."
He believed the make-up of the PBRS Karambunai division protem committee consisting of professionals and qualified personnel as well as with the programmes already implemented by them even before their application to join PBRS was accepted would be a plus point.
Earlier, about 400 people led by protem chairman, Dr Zhamriee Ibni Gulam Rasul handed over the application forms to Kurup, who was accompanied by Deputy President Datuk Ellron Angin.
PBRS claimed it has 95,000 members throughout Sabah.
In his speech, Kurup said PBRS had been dubbed a small party by many but he was rest assured the BN top leadership had made it clear that PBRS is given an equal voice as the other bigger component parties.
PBRS is also in the process of injecting new blood into the party and Kurup announced that his two sons, Arthur and Ryan, were also assisting the party.
"Under the current political landscape we need new approaches to face challenges now and in the future," he said.
Kurup added that PBRS being among the most senior parties in the BN should not have its loyalty questioned.
"PBRS was formed with the main belief that Sabah must be under the BN umbrella as only through BN can the people and State enjoy development.
This was proven when the party (PBS) that had objected to the entry of BN (Umno) before had now returned to the coalition's fold," he said.
He said PBRS in its history had faced more bitter than sweet experiences.
"There were people who joined the party but once they could not get what they wanted, because they don't understand what the struggle of the party is all about, they left," he said.
"What is important is our sincerity in joining the party and PBRS had never attempted to confuse the people of Sabah. We use fairness and justice to fight for the rakyat," he said.
Also present were Sec-Gen. Dr Johnson Tee and Supreme Council members.

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